RegScan™ New Product Launch

RegScan™ Announces New Products to Benefit Utilities for NERC Reliability Standards

WILLIAMSPORT, PA—September 13, 2018 –RegScan™, Inc., a Williamsport, Pa.–based compliance management company, announces the launch of the Reliability Standards Monitor (Monitor), a monthly publication covering the latest changes and developments to the North American standards subject to enforcement and Reliability Audit Protocols (Protocols), a web-based format of the standard audits. Both products have been designed to support the utility industry to stay in compliance with the NERC Reliability Standards.

"We’re applying our regulatory compliance expertise to the NERC Reliability Standards and developing the Reliability Standards Monitor and the Reliability Audit Protocols to make compliance easier for utilities."

Elsa-Villegas Snevely, Director of Customer Engagement

The Monitor will help the electric utility industry stay up-to-date and in compliance with the latest NERC Reliability Standards by summarizing and synthesizing new applicable standards and changes to standards all while providing RegScan™'s exclusive business impact analysis. This product will include monitoring of important information regarding where in the cycle future NERC projects are, timing for open comment periods, and ballot periods for upcoming proposed changes to standards.

RegScan&trad; is also launching Protocols for the utility industry, which will help municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, and local governmental agencies verify they are in compliance with the applicable NERC Reliability Standards. The Protocols will be customizable for organizations and functional entities to ensure maximum compliance and increased efficiency across facilities and operations who are implementing the standards.

In addition to bringing popular features from RegScan's desktop product to the cloud, HTEGo! also directly integrates with client systems with RegScan's new API. The API is a secure interface between the client systems and RegScan, allowing clients to access and modify saved loads and compliance placards in the cloud.

About RegScan™

With a dedicated staff of experts, an ever-growing network of in-country sources, and 30 years of experience, RegScan is a trusted resource for up-to-date EHS regulatory information from all over the world. RegScan’s unique toolset allows users to access global environmental regulations on a single site, provides alerts on regulatory changes, customizes audit checklists, and facilitates content integration with major environmental management systems.

RegScan can help your company stay in compliance and protect the environment.

 Last modified: February 20th, 2019