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RegScan™ Releases Quality Suite Checklists

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (May 10, 2017) – RegScan™, Inc., a Williamsport, Pa.-based compliance management company, is pleased to announce the development of its latest innovation, Quality Suite Checklists™. For more information go to

Quality Suite Checklists™ are designed to help you implement Quality Management Systems and quality processes. These checklists also help to verify if your processes are working as intended. Quality systems are core to many businesses, as they may be required by regulations, standards, or to become a certified supplier.

The Quality Suite Checklists™ are designed to tell you what to check and then tie you back to the underlying requirements (regulation, directive, or standard).

"We developed the Checklists to help document your system's compliance, reduce costs of compliance, and allow for continuous improvement."

Gretchen Retteghieri, Vice President of Business and Product Development.

Currently, the Quality Suite Checklists™ cover Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, and soon Quality Systems. Specific areas are 21 CFR 803 and 820, and EU Directives 2001/83/EC and 2003/94/EC, plus ISO 9001. They are licensed on a worldwide basis and work with popular EMIS and Risk Management Systems. Checklists can be used to profile by facility and output in XLS, XML, HTML, and PDF formats. The RegScan Quality Suite Checklists™ work how you work.

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 Last modified: May 09th, 2017