RegScan™ Releases i-Comply Checklists™ - Office & Data Center

New Product Release

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (January 25, 2017) - RegScan,™ Inc., a Williamsport, PA.-based compliance management company, is pleased to announce the development of its latest innovation, i-Comply Checklists™ - Office & Data Centers.

i-Comply Checklists™ - Office & Data Centers provide a suite of checklists which complement any EHS Compliance Program. The checklists cover traditional risks associated with an Office or Data Center Location. Both Regulatory Risks and EHS Program requirements have been incorporated in an easy-to-use format. Our modular approach allows these checklists to be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with our traditional RegScan™ Compliance Products. Non-EHS professionals can quickly review and gather data at any facility globally.

"With the complex and diverse nature of businesses in today’s world, we want to be able to provide a complete compliance toolkit. i-Comply Checklists™ - Office & Data Centers is our next tool in that toolkit."

"By enabling Non-EHS professionals with the power to support standard compliance programs, organizations increase their power to detect risk."

Ned Ertel - President and C.E.O. of RegScan, Inc.

The RegScan™ One system can create custom legal registers and audit protocols for more than 140 jurisdictions around the globe. Through i-Comply Checklists™ - Office & Data Centers, we can extend our clients' reach through a uniform set of questions that are applicable to almost any jurisdiction around the globe.

All legal registers and audit protocols created through the RegScan™ One platform can be exported to My WatchList, where they will be automatically monitored for changes. i-Comply Checklists™ - Office & Data Centers is included in this change management process. Our tools can also be easily exported to any online environmental management system.

About RegScan™

With a dedicated staff of experts in three U.S. states and Washington D.C., and an ever-growing network of in-country resources, RegScan™ can always be counted on as a trusted resource for up-to-date regulatory information from every corner of the globe. RegScan’s™ unique online tools enable easy access to, and interpretations of, global environmental regulations and operational standards. Do your research and get your alerts through the RegScan™ One system, or have your content exported via web services to any online environmental management system.

 Last modified: January 24th, 2017