Cal/OSHA Audit Protocols

 Last modified: July 26th, 2016

OSH Plus Safety Audit Protocols

Go beyond the Federal requirements and set a new standard for safety with RegScan's new OSH Plus audit protocols.

Developed as a supplement to our U.S. TEAM (The Environmental Assessment and Management) Guides products, these comprehensive audit protocols have been authored to keep you in compliance with the strictest safety standards in the United States - the ones set by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, better known as Cal/OSHA.

This guide is a must-have for any organization that is committed to high safety standards. OSH Plus audit protocols are fully integrated with RegScan's applicability tools and the California State Regulatory database, so you can create custom protocols specific to your needs.

Use the applicability feature to easily filter out the audit questions that don't apply to you. After you import your custom profile to My WatchList, it will automatically be monitored for changes.

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